Post Equifax computer security

Some thoughts on computer security post Equifax.  Equifax is different from say the 2013 Yahoo hack that stole usernames and passwords.  Equifax has a full file of your social security number, your drivers license number and a collection of assets, loans and bank accounts.  Yup they have been collecting data on each of us for years.  So someone could impersonate you with all this stuff and you might not know it.

When nanoseconds count….

Dali-time-watchI finished reading Michael Lewis’ book Flashboys, and it really motivated me to think about ‘fairness’. What Lewis’ book reveals is the advantage High Frequency Traders who invest BILLIONS in technology have over average investors. By investing heavily in technology these firms have been able to exploit the nanoseconds between when a stock order is placed and how it is executed.  Continue reading “When nanoseconds count….”

Sleep Tight: Unexpected upside of FreePBX

IMG_1246After I nerded out and installed a Raspberry Pi with FreePBX, I’ve recently found an unexpected upside. As an iPhone user, I’ve grown used to leaving my iPhone charging away from my bedroom at night. When our parents recently had bouts in the hospital, this became problematic to have the iPhones next to us while we slept. With children in several timezones around the world, text messages can often arrive in the middle of the night, either dinging because I forgot to turn the ringer off, or lighting up the bedroom and buzzing; either way it’s a sleep killer.

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Earthquake Phones and Nerd Answering Machines

IMG_8773I live in earthquake territory, and we want as many phone options as we can in an emergency. And yet the wired home phone seems like it’s useless – it’s become just a vehicle for sales calls. And yet my wife and I have elderly parents nearby….

About 4 months ago I set out to do something weirdly nerdy. Continue reading “Earthquake Phones and Nerd Answering Machines”

Thoughts on home networks

antennaOver the last few years, I’ve been asked for help from people struggling with Comcast versus AT&T Cable, and how to connect everything together. What has really struck me about all of these issues is how home wiring has changed in the last 10 years. Many modern homes have a telephone wiring infrastructure, often that can support more than one telephone line, and a cable TV infrastructure, Continue reading “Thoughts on home networks”